Top 5 Halloween Yard Decorations

There is nothing better than to scare a passer by during the Halloween night. And how to achieve this. Well, there are some great realistically looking Halloween yard decorations and we did our job and found top 5 just for you. Keep reading and find best Halloween yard decoration available.

#1 The Best Zombie Yard Decoration

There is no scary Halloween without scary zombie apocalypse. Whoever enters you yard will be surrounded with flesh hungry undead zombies crawling out of your yard.

#2 The Best Graveyard Tombstone Decoration

No graveyard is complete without tombstones. This amazingly realistic vampire tombstone by Design Toscano features Gothic decoration and a vampire statue on the top.

#3 Giant Inflatable Eyeballs

Eyes popping out of the head are a nice touch for your Halloween yard decoration. But these eyeballs are just huge, 3 ft tall and they are inflatable, So, when the Halloween is over just deflate them and store for the next year.

#4 Hanging Ghost

Any respectable Halloween yard has to have at least one hanging ghost flying above visitors. This 5.5 Ft Hanging grim reaper comes with highly realistic skull, lightened LED glowing eyes, and a bone chilling sound effects.

#5 Life Size Talking Witch

A life size with is a must when we talk about Halloween yard decoration. And this witch comes in a life size and she talks “Beware…AH HAAA…AAA” “Boo!” “You’re not scared, are you?” Beware of the witch!

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