Gentlemen’s Hardware Waterproof Notebook

Gentlemen’s Hardware Waterproof Notebook by designer brand Wild & Wolf is completely ready for any challenge provided by Mother Nature. It is adapted to all weather conditions and is 100% waterproof. The perfect and practical gift for every man. Plan and record your next adventure. You can take it with you on camping, hiking, fishing, sailing, take it with you to work, wherever you want, and it will keep all your ideas, thoughts and plans. The covers are soft-bound, black and have the logo of Gentlemen’s Hardware brand on them, and on the inside you have a drawn ruler and instructions for lighting a campfire, while at the end there are instructions for tying knots. Do the best ideas come to you while bathing, then quickly forget them? Now you can carry this Waterproof Notebook with you when you take a shower. You can write in it even under water.

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