This is the newest and maybe the cutest home robot you can find at the moment. The new Amazon’s Astro home robot was introduced a few days ago together with new Echo, Ring, Halo and other Amazon’s smart home gadgets. The announced price of the Astro is $1000. So what do you get for the money and why you should buy one? We bring you 5 main reasons to buy the Astro:

#1 Obviously – It’s so Cute

This is so obviously, Amazon’s Astro is one of the cutest home robots on the market. There is no robot lover left unimpressed by it’s look and design.

#2 Build Up Your Security

You can easily connect the Astro to Ring’s cloud storage and storage all videos for later inspection up to 60 days. Also, you can use it for home patrolling and inspection while you are not at home since this is remotely controlled robot. It can report an intruder or suspicious noises in real time.

#3 Assist Your Loved Ones

The Astro may be controled remotely, so you cab use it to assist your loved ones (parents, grandparents etc) with no need to be on a spot. You can use the Astro to make shopping lists, deliver things around home, set different types of activity reminders, check on them etc.

#4 Upgrade Your Daily Experience

You ca use the Astro to follow you around home or to take and send messages, phone calls, alarms etc. All that thanks to Astro’s capability to connect with Alexa.

#5 Finaly, the Astro Respects Your Privacy

If you like your privacy and wanna keep it that way just use one simple button puch to turn out all mics, cameras and motion.