The Onlyone O-2 Electric Skateboard will give you hours of fun and smooth ride. This budget friendly electric skateboard with the price of $519 can deliver as much fun as more expensive longboards. If you have never ride an electric skateboard before, it is recommended that you start riding in Beginner mode first. After you master it you can switch to Expert and later Pro mode and speed up to 25 mph which is the top speed for this model. Believe me, this seems as a crazy speed once you are on it.

Onlyone O-2 deck is made of 8 layers enabling maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. I have 265 lbs myself, and it managed to lift my weight up a steep hillside without problems. Maximum range on a siungle charge is around 18 miles if you are on a cruise speed. If you chose maximum speed battery drains faster. Also, this is remote controlled e-skateboard, meaning that you will choose driving mode, stop/go and speed directly on a remote control (you just hold it in your hand while riding this skateboard). This is amazing gift for all skateboard lovers.