The Onlyone O-1 electric longboard is a budget friendly electric skateboard intended for younger riders, teenagers and those with less experience. This longboard isn’t a top notch e-skateboard, but it has some nice perks. First of all it is a budget friendly and one of the cheapest belt-driven electric skateboards with the price of only $459. It has pretty good performance for beginners in skateboarding.

The Onlyone O-1 electric skateboard is a lightweight e-skateboard weighing just 16 lbs and with size of 36.61 x 9.44 x 4.9 inches (930 x 265 x 130 mm) you can easily stash it anywhere in the house, office or inside you car. It features 3 riding modes: Beginner, Expert and Pro Mode. If you choose Pro mode you can speed up to 25 mph with maximum range of around 10 miles.

Of course, there is remote control for easy riding. It features On/Off button, Reverse button, battery indicator, speed controller etc. All in all, Onlyone O-1 is a durable electric skateboard made of 5-layers Maple + 2-layers bamboo enabling maximum load capacity of 265 lbs, so it fits kids, teenagers and adults. It is a great birthday gift. Enjoy the ride!