Fat Tire Electric bikes are very popular among bike riders. Why? Because it feels like you ride over air cushions since wider tires mean more conmfort, better stability and cool look. HUBUISH fat tire electric bike features modern aluminium alloy frame available in blue and orange color with black details. This type of frame secures the lightness of the bike yet it is very durable and provides integrity of the bike.

With all terrain 26″ x 4″ fat tires yu will be able to experience urban and off-road ride. HUBUISH Fat Tire eBike features strong 1000 W motor powered by 48 V 14.5 Ah lithium battery. On a single charge you can ride up to 35 miles using motor only mode, but if you choose to pedal assist mode you can double the maximum range. When battery drains you will need 5 to 7 hours to fully recharge it. Since it has removable battery you can take the battery and charge it inside your home or you can charge the battery while on the bike. Also, when the battery is fully drained you can use only pedals for riding it. And, not to forget, this is foldable bike meaning you can carry it inside you car trunk and it will take less space if you need to keep it inside your house.