New popular Netflix’s Queen’s Gambit made the chess sets one of the most wanted gadgets and popular Christmas gifts this year. Some of the leading brands of chess sets are making 1000 percent grow comparing to the last year. Chess is getting more popular than ever in 21st century. And it shouldn’t be surprise since this ancient game of strategy and mind supremacy shows how skillful you are in business, war and love. Like in Queen’s Gambit, discover inner-self and find if you are a born talent. Here is the list of Top 10 Best Chess Sets:

#1 As Seen in Queen’s Gambit: Play Like Your Favorite Character

#2 Fun Family Chess Set

#3 Civil War Generals Chess Set

#4 DGT Centaur – Digital Electronic Chess Set

#5 Play Like a Pharaoh With Egyptian Chess Set

#6 LEGO Iconic Chess Set

#7 Chess Armory 15″ Wooden Chess Set

#8 Avant-Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set with Mirror Board

#9 Agirlgle Chess Set with Metal Chess Pieces

#10 Mandala Travel Magnetic Chess Set