We have to admit that this year we have changed our habits and turned to neglected traditions. We tried to find the right way to spend our free time as quality as possible. The movie night has once again become an unavoidable, and for many a favorite part of every week, the moment when we gather with our family in front of the TV, ready to enjoy movies and popcorn. But to complete the atmosphere, most of us realized that it was time to replace the old TVs with new ones, and to afford to enjoy the more advanced versions.

Laser TV is currently the most prestigious experience of enjoying TV, favorite movies and series Laser TVs are considered the highest quality models with state-of-the-art technology, and they instantly transform your living room into a real home cinema.

Get Ready for Supreme Image Quality

Imagine a resolution of 8.3 million pixels, which is four times higher than the traditional Full HD format, which brings you an incredibly sharp and realistic image, with beautiful natural movement and details. The picture is clearer, sharper and displayed in true, vibrant and natural colors, as Hisense Laser TV comes with 4K Ultra HD picture quality

Perfect For Any Home

Hisense Laser TV is a modernly designed wide-angle laser projector, which can be easily placed on a table or wherever you want, from where it will broadcast an image from ultra-short distances on a light and thin screen of 120, 100 or 80 inches. When you enjoy your favorite content, you don’t have to lower the blinds and change the viewing angle, because the screen is not sensitive to ambient lighting.

Bring Cinema to Your Home

The amazing experience of Hisense Laser TV is enhanced by DOLBY ATMOS technology. Thanks to the high-quality surround sounds you can enjoy a truly amazing experience, which will fill your home with depth and clarity, like in real life. You will have the feeling that you are in a cinema, a concert hall or on a stadium. Laser TV is incredibly durable, promising you and your loved ones more than 25,000 hours of entertainment and high performance.

Technology That Pleases Your Eyes

Even when you spend a few hours in front of the TV, you won’t have to worry about the health of your eyes. Hisense Laser TV will not emit light directly towards you, but passively across the screen, while the low blue light emission protects your eyes. The screen does not require any current for its operation, and therefore, does not generate electromagnetic radiation.