Segway Ninebot MAX G30 is top of the line when it comes to Ninebot electric scooters. Ninebot MAX G30 has advanced and edgy design with durable chassis made of aircraft grade aluminium alloy. It os compact, portable and foldable and weighs 42lbs. When battery empties or you just need to carry it up the stairs or into public transport use one-step folding system for easy and quick assembling/disassembling in just 3 seconds.

The maximum speed of this model is 18.6 mph and maximum driving radius of 40 miles on a single charge (or 2.5 hours, depending on your driving) is pretty great for commuting scooter. It uses 551Wh Battery as most reliable power source. Integrated Smart Battery Management System assures the battery safety and extends the battery life. For extra features you will need to download Segway-Ninebot App (iOS and Android compatible) so you could customize riding experience and use it as a dashboard for additional stats, like cruise control, distance traveled, updates and battery life remaining, energy recovery level (energy collected during braking), compass, scooter temperature etc.

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