As the name says, Ecotric Dolphin is inspired by this energetic and adorable sea mammal everybody loves. Dolphin is a fat tire foldable electric bike with 20″ x 4″ tires for all terrains like grass, gravel, mud, snow etc. You can go wherever you like with Dolphin.

It features 500 W Motor powered by 36V 12.5Ah removable Lithium battery, meaning when battery empties you can easily remove it and place another fully charged battery. That way you can double the maximum range of this fabulous electric bike. Also, you don’t have to bring whole bike when you need to recharge the battery, just take the battery to your home or office. Maximum speed of this foldable electric bike is 20 mph and it can run as far as 23 miles on a single charge. This is great birthday or Christmas gift!