Imagine the burglar (I know this is not pleasant) just entering your home that is not equipped with an alarm. While you are not at home, he opens the window and enters your living space without authorization.

In the dim light, using only the light of a flashlight, he looks for your money and jewelry. He searches the drawers and finds nothing, he puts his hands in socks and nothing, he puts them in worn socks that you threw in the laundry basket, and at the same time he gets fungi that he will discover only two weeks after the itching between his fingers. Searching through mattresses and bedding. In the end, out of desperation, he steals two pieces of bread and a slice of meat, and comes out of the window, in disbelief that you have absolutely no value in the house.

He would never know that his only chance was to suddenly ask himself, “Hmm, what does the words ‘STUPID BURGLAR’ mean?” He would then discover that “The New English Dictionary” is not a dictionary, but a fake book / safe under lock and key in which you hide a diamond necklace and $ 5 million in bonds.