Our attention was drawn to the Apple Watch Series 6, which, according to Apple, brings revolutionary new options, which are all, but not – revolutionary. Let’s see why.

Is measuring the level of oxygen in the blood a revolution on smart watches, as Apple calls it – of course not, and of course it has been on competing smartwatches for a long time. Has Apple improved the autonomy of its new watch and does the battery last longer than a day and a half at most – no, unfortunately! Another revolutionary option on the Apple Watch Series 6 watch by the Apple company is sleep monitoring and analysis, but it is also an option that the watches of the competition have had for generations.

When it comes to design, imagine, the Apple Watch Series 6 inherits the design of the Series 4 and Series 5 models, with the S6 processor up to 20 percent more powerful than its predecessor. There is also the Apple A13 chip, which allows up to 18 hours of clock operation in active mode and faster charging, so the new watch will be fully charged in an hour and a half.

The Always On display is twice as bright, the content on the watch is more readable, and it is easier to follow and read notifications and notifications from the phone on the watch.

However, we like the fact that the Apple Watch Series 6 is made entirely of recycled materials, and is offered in multiple sizes and with a number of different straps.

The Price of this smartwatch is up to $429, depending on the exact model. For more Apple Watch Series 6 Feature check at the video bellow.