The Honor Watch GS Pro is probably the best smartwatch Honor has ever made. It is primarily conceived as a sports gadget, but it is actually much more than that. Let’s see what new Honor Watch GS Pro has to offer.

Design of Honor Watch GS Pro

This smartwatch has an AMOLED screen with a diagonal of 1.39 inches, and a resolution of 454×454 pixels. The upper side is covered with durable glass around witch you can see is a 360-degree compass scale, and the case is made of stainless steel.

There are two buttons on the right side – the top one will open the list of apps and it is used to go back to the home screen, while the bottom opens a shortcut you dedicate to the button. At the bottom of this Honor Watch GS Pro, are optical sensors.

As for the color of the smartwatch and the texture of the bracelet, we have three variants – black and white version with a silicone bracelet, and blue camouflage with a knitted, nylon bracelet, which differs significantly from the usual and is a real refreshment.

It could be said that the overall design of the watch, with individual convex details (but still reduced to measure), material, as well as shape, clearly indicate the target group, and, ultimately, the purpose.

It is a robust sports smartwatch that is made to withstand even the greatest efforts and difficult conditions. Despite that, it is not difficult to imagine how you wear it every day, so we are quite satisfied with the design and the refreshment it brought.

Durability and battery life

The Honor Watch GS Pro has passed as many as 14 MIL-STD-810G endurance tests. There are 14 military tests, which means that it has been tested on most things you can imagine: dust, sand, various liquids, temperature endurance, and many other things.

Honor did a masterful job here, so it optimized the watch to provide up to 25 days with a single charge with moderate use. We have been testing it for almost two weeks and with standard use, the battery has dropped by about 45%. For slightly more demanding users, the watch provides up to 100 hours of GPS use.

Software and applications

The chipset in the Honor Watch GS Pro is the Kirin A1, with 4GB of storage space and, of course, the Lite OS.

Considering that it is made for various sports activities, it is no wonder that you have variety of modes that you can turn on, and the watch adjusts to that. For example, the “route back” mode, which records the route you came, which is very useful when you are somewhere in the wild.

In addition to hiking, rowing, skiing etc., there are a bunch of other sports and activities. Are you planning to deal with tug of war? Darts? Orienteering? Something we’ve never heard of? No problem, Honor almost certainly has it in the database.


In addition to being made for sports stunts, the GS Pro also has the function of controlling music directly from the watch. Of course, you can connect it to a Bluetooth headset, or control the music from your phone.

Calls and Notifications

The Honor Watch GS Pro offers another feature, especially handy if your hands are busy or you just can’t get your phone out of your pocket. It’s the ability to make calls directly from the watch, thanks to the built-in microphone and headphones, and you can store up to 10 favorite contacts.

Also, in the Huawei Health app you can set which apps you want to receive notifications for. You will also get everything that appears on your phone on the watch, and thanks to the very clear screen, you will not have any problems reading them.

Final Verdict

The Honor Watch GS Pro is a very pleasant surprise for the Chinese company, and at the same time a refreshment in the world of sports smartwatches. Impressive durability and battery life, however, is usable enough that you can carry it everyday if you want.