Today we present to you a new Amazon device designed to stay fit and healthy. Amazon Halo Wellness Band, like most similar devices on the market, monitors your daily routines, sleep quality, number of steps, heart rate etc.

What makes it unique is the membership program. If you decide to join, you will get a whole range of additional options. As soon as you buy Amazon Halo Wellness Band you automatically get 6 months free membership. After this free membership expires it is automatically renewed every month at a price of $ 3.99. We think that this price should be at least twice lower, considering that, if you continue with the subscription, the annual subscription is equal to the price of the device, which makes the subscription perhaps a bit too expensive.

However, when it comes to the performance of this interesting Fitness & Wellness device it includes the following options:

  • Body condition measurement allows you to easily measure the percentage of body fat, which is the best indicator of health and is more important than body weight or BMI.
  • Daily activity tracking – This feature allows you to monitor the intensity and duration of your movements, as well as the time you spend inactively, ie sitting or lying down.
  • Sleeping quality analyzes the patterns of your sleep, such as waking up often during the night. Based on the behavior during your sleep Amazon Halo Band will get how good your sleep is and how to change the behavior to make it even better.
  • The tone of your voice analyzes the quality of the voice, ie its energy and positivity, with the aim of improving the quality of communication with the environment.

Note: If you do not renew your Halo membership, you retain access to a basic suite of features such as sleep time, heart rate, and step tracking.